Map Skills for Today: Books 5 and 6


Two softcover workbooks in brand-new condition with no writing, highlighting, or marks.  Teacher’s guide and answer key included for each.  Grades 5 and 6.  Free shipping.

Additional copy of Map Skills for Today 6 available for $6.

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Map skills are not well developed in textbooks.  Use these workbooks to boost your child’s facility with maps.

“Maps use a unique language of symbols to show facts and relationships.  Like any unfamiliar language, map language must be carefully studied to be understood. . . . Book 5 . . . offers activities that involve map scales, latitude lines, projections, and inferences.”

Map Skills for Today: Book 5 focuses on North America, Central America, and South America.  Skills covered include determining positions on maps and globes, determining distances and sizes, determining directions, comparing maps and making inferences, using special-purpose maps, using map keys and legends, and recognizing map symbols for landforms, water forms, and man-made features.

Map Skills for Today: Book 6 focuses on all seven continents offering expanded activities on latitude, longitude, projections, and inferences.  Skills covered include determining positions on maps and globes using relative location, cardinal and intermediate directions, the North and South poles, the equator and other latitudes and longitudes, hemispheres, and special grids; determining distances and sizes through using relative distance, map scale, and relative size; determining directions using the North and South poles, cardinal and intermediate directions, and the flow of rivers (upstream, downstream, mouth, source); comparing maps and making inferences; using special-purpose maps; using map keys and legends; and recognizing map symbols (landforms, water forms, and man-made features).

Teacher’s guides and answer keys included.


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