Lands at Home, Regions of the World, American Continents, Continents Overseas


Geography skills series.  Four softcover workbooks in brand-new condition with no writing, highlighting, or marks with teacher’s manual and answer key for each.  Grades 3-6.  Free shipping.

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Geography skills are often given too little attention in elementary level textbooks.  Supplement your child’s textbooks with this excellent series.

Reading and Geography Skills Developed in Lands at Home

  • Reading for meaning
  • Skimming
  • Getting and using main ideas
  • Identifying and using reading aids (index, maps, symbols, globes, pictures, diagrams)
  • Weighing evidence and using judgment
  • Recognizing new words
  • Interpreting pictures, charts, and maps
  • Finding directions
  • Applying knowledge about maps
  • Extending knowledge beyond the Earth
  • Seeing relationships between air and winds and life on the Earth
  • Discovering relationships between clouds, rainfall, winds, and air
  • Seeing relationships between geographic factors and ways of making a living

Geography Skills and Concepts Developed in Regions of the World

  • Using maps to find important facts and information
  • Finding direction and distance from maps
  • Interpreting map language and symbols
  • Reading pictures and understanding charts
  • Seeing all parts of the Earth as a whole
  • Understanding rocks and soils
  • Being aware of the effects of the sun and moon upon the earth
  • Knowing the nature of air and its relation to weather
  • Understanding the importance of weather forecasting
  • Applying principles of weather and climate to transportation
  • Applying climatic and weather principles to housing
  • Seeing how geographic factors affect the lives of people
  • Knowing the effects of heat, moisture, drought, and elevation on specific peoples and their adaptation to these conditions
  • Understanding conservation of our resources

Geography Skills and Concepts Developed in American Continents

  • Learning about maps and globes
  • How maps and globes show directions and distances
  • Symbols and colors on maps
  • Finding one’s location using maps
  • Learning basic principles of interviewing
  • Using graphs, tables, and charts
  • Landforms
  • Looking at our earth and its changes
  • Our atmosphere, predicting weather
  • The regional geography of the U.S., Canada, and Latin America

Geography Skills and Concepts Developed in Continents Overseas

  • Distances and time shown on maps
  • Photography
  • Census data
  • The sun and its family
  • The earth and its motions
  • Learning about the moon
  • Our atmosphere
  • Weather, air masses, source regions, and characteristics
  • World climates
  • The regional geography of Europe
  • France: the crossroads nation of Europe
  • Resources and people of Russia
  • The setting of Southwest Asia
  • Two countries of Southwest Asia
  • The regional geography of Southern Asia
  • The regional geography of Eastern Asia
  • The regional geography of the Pacific Islands
  • The continent of Africa
  • Understanding the city
  • Environmental problems

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