Click on Vendor Registration and fill out the required information. If you entered a valid email address, you will get an email notice with directions of setting up your store. If you didn't get the email, then please repeat the registration process and make sure your email address is entered correctly.
Think of a grouped prod is like a container that holds similar products. For example, a bunch of Boxcar children books, or the entire set of 5th grade Sonlight curriculum. You will add each individual books, then create a container to hold them all. Go to Product Manager from your vendor dashboard. Go to Products.>>Add New. Add the container product just like a regular item but make sure you choose Grouped product from the drop down box in the Product data section. Click on Linked Products and Grouped products. Type in the first few chars of the titles that should belong in the container and select all that apply by holding down the ctrl key. However, if you must sell the whole set as one product, you will just add the set of books as one product, and not list the books individually.
To not return back to the original price, do not enter an end date in the Sale price dates. Your product will go on sale on the date it specified and will remain this price until it's sold.
When a buyer places an order, you will receive an email with the order#. It is now up to you to finalize the deal and get the payment. Based the shipping method the buyer has chosen, verify buyer’s location and reply to the buyer with payment details as listed in this email. For a remote buyer, arrange a payment option like paypal. Ship the products after you have received the payment.
This is a totally free site. No commission charges like most mainstream online retailers. However, we do appreciate your donation to keep making improvement to this site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to make a donation.
Go to Vendor Dashboard >> Store Settings >> Shipping.

If you want to offer free shipping to buyers, you just leave this field blank. Some sellers prefer to raise the product price to compensate for free shipping. Remember since you have indicated your location in your storefront, local users can choose local pick up to avoid shipping cost.

The best way to create your formula is to copy from the description and edit it. If you are entering variables, brackets are needed. Below are some examples:

  • To charge 10% of total cost with a min of $2.50 and max of $15 enter [fee percent="10" min_fee="2.50" max_fee="15"]
  • To charge $2 per time, enter 10.00 * [qty]
  • To charge a flat fee of $3.95 for every shipment, enter $3.95, no brackets
  • Now that you have created your shipping class cost, you have to make sure you select this shipping class when you add each product. When you add a new product via Product Manager, you need to select the shipping class from the Shipping tab. If you choose no shipping class for this product, then this product will be shipped free.

    You can sell anything related to homeschooling such as books, CDs, DVDs, educational toys, games and other supplies. However, please do not sell clothing or household items here.
    G&A is made for homeschoolers to exchange resources so it is highly preferred that the seller has either homeschooled or is currently homeschooling. It is essential that the products listed are wholesome and God-honoring. G&A reserves the right to remove any products that are inappropriate.
    Unlike mainstream online retailers, G&A does not take any commission from sellers. This makes it worthwhile to sell low priced items. Selling curriculum sets is as easy as selling one item on G&A which attract most homeschooling buyers.
    There is a 2mb limit on the size of the image you can load. If you try to load an image larger than 2mb, you will get a message stating that your file " exceeds the maximum upload size for this site." The easiest way to reduce the size of your image file if you have the image on your phone, is to email it to yourself via the phone mail app which will let you choose the size of the file you want to send.
    You can do this in 1 of 2 ways as shown below.

    1. Go to Vendor Dashboard>>Store Settings>>Shipping. Remove anything in the textbox and Save your changes.

    2. When adding a product to your store, go to Product Data>>Shipping>>Shipping class. Select "No shipping class". This product and this product only will be shipped free. The default of the Shipping class is "No shipping class" so as long as you don't choose a shipping class as you add each product, all products will be Free Shipping.
    Books, CDs and DVDs can be shipped at Media Rate, the lowest rate at USPS. This can be easily done without leaving your home as detailed below.

    1. When you receive a payment from PayPal. Follow the instructions in PayPal to create a shipping label. If your items qualify, you can choose Media Rate.

    2. Pay, print out and affix the label on your package.

    3. Go go Vendor Dashboard>>Orders. Enter the tracking# provided for the order you are shipping.

    4. Go to USPS to schedule a pickup for free and leave the package at the specified location.


    Go to the seller's store and check the location of the seller on the storefront. If this is a location near you, then choose Local Pickup at checkout. If the location information is missing or unclear, contact the seller directly using the form on the right side.
    When you place the order, you have committed to buy the selected items. However, you will not make the actual payment until the seller contacts you directly with payment instructions.
    Yes, you can. Each seller involved in this order will contact you separately to arrange for payments on their merchandise respectively.
    Yes, anyone can shop from our stores although most of our customers are homeschoolers.